IIn 1909, my Italian grandfather Guiseppe Riscaldino realized his dream : he left his native village, Brandizzo , a small village near Turin, his family, his four sisters and went to the Golden Gate , America . He traveled in difficult conditions in the third class , took the train, boat to get to Ellis Island , a small island in New York Harbor near the island of the Statue of Liberty as 8 million Europeans who entered the United States through the portal of Ellis Island between January 1, 1892 and November 12, 1954 .
I found the trace of his passage on Ellis Island where I went in 1994. I have a passport that I keep as a talisman, found its way on the list of immigrants , he passed in 1913, a century ago .
I was brought all my childhood in the history of the maternal grandfather I never knew , and had everything to go seek his fortune in Buenos Aires where he opened a large hotel restaurant on the coast Trebol ” El Colon “.
Today Ellis Island is part of the National Monument Statue of Liberty.
The picture is beautiful : the transition to freedom, to all possible, to fortune , to the new world .
Today 150 million Americans have one or more descendants who came through Ellis Island. The name of Ellis Island comes from its former owner before it was bought by two states: New Jersey and New York. This portal to the new world was enlarged from 3.3 acres to 27.5 acres and architects have built so that ships directly unloaded immigrants on the island.

Maps :
The maps are a tool, they are a representation of leagues , life history , dreams of war, borders, passages , departures, facilities, fantasies …
Topography maps, their texts , their contours are well on identifiers leagues but especially movements, physical, psychological and especially trace the political history of population movements .

The American Dream :
I was lulled by the story of Guiseppe , this worthy man and political left everything to his family fortune to follow his dream, his madness, a grandiose project for the residents of a small Italian village , it was new adventurers ” golden Gate “.

ASTRUC, Guiseppe Riscaldino‘s granddaughter  .